Our Policies

Vintage Road Haulage believe that Environment, Health and Safety are the responsibility of all, customers, suppliers, employees and employers alike; as well as being an important element to future sustainability, business success and leadership.

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Vintage Road Haulage are committed to integrating EHS management into and improving EHS performance of our business process in order to minimise, manage and communicate all the risks relating to our operations through the use of hazard risk assessments, JSA’s, IFE reporting and other tools.

All these points should be considered when choosing a transport and distribution solutions in Western Australia.


Vintage Road Haulage are committed to complying with and, where possible, exceeding all applicable local, state and federal regulations relating to our industry.

Management will:

  • Encourage EHS ideas and initiatives from all employees
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable local, state and federal EHS guidelines
  • Ensure training is given to all employees on EHS matters
  • Identify and reduce risk in the work place

All personnel will:

  • Ensure that they behave in a manner that does not put themselves and those around them at risk
  • Report all potential incidents and all actual incidents to their supervisor in a timely manner
  • Participate in the improvement of workplace health and safety