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Fatigue Management Device For Truck Drivers

Trimble Transport and Logistics has developed a device that when fixed inside a vehicle, will help truck companies and truck drivers comply with the heavy vehicle fatigue management laws.

It is fixed up on the dashboard area in the cab and will tell drivers when they need to take a break by making audiovisual signals to both the driver and the dispatcher.

How the fatigue management device works

Each unit has a screen on which two display types are shown – week and day. When the daily display is active, the maximum allowed driving time, time rested, time worked and required rest time is shown.

An alert is activated when the driver is reaching their work limits and if a break isn’t taken, the unit will display red and alert the dispatcher. If the driver does take a break, it turns green.

When the weekly display is active, the required weekly rest in a 7 and 14 day period is shown and the driver’s hours achieved for both work and rest is also shown.

Vintage Road Haulage

This looks to be an excellent device for a big problem on the roads today. Road accident statistics show that fatigue was responsible for up to 30% of crashes in Perth between 2003-2012. Whatever vehicle you drive, if you’re feeling tired then pull over and take a break.

Find out more about how this fatigue management device works at the Fully Loaded website.