NTC Says System Will Overtax Trucks & Buses by $232 million in 2014-15 | Vintage Road Haulage

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NTC Says System Will Overtax Trucks & Buses by $232 million in 2014-15

The past seven years have seen the trucking industry has been paying too much in tax, according to the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Noelene Watson.

She says that this has occurred since 2007 because the government charging system has underestimated the number of trucks & buses on Australia’s roads.

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has suggested that due to the predicted overtax of $232 million by 2014-15, that governments should look at changing the charging system.

One option is to claim an extra 1.04 cents per litre of fuel tax credits, reducing their fuel tax.  Mrs Watson rejected the suggestion that this fuel tax reduction be implemented over three years, as trucks & buses have already been overcharged for seven years and it was unfair to continue doing so for another three.

She also suggested that the Heavy Vehicle Charges and Investment (HVCI) Reform process be abandoned as it will only lead to congestion charges and direct road pricing for cars in the future. She instead said that governments should work on setting fair road tax charges and improve road planning and building.

To find out more about the predicted overtax of trucks & buses, please read the article at ATA website.

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