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Tips for Truck Tyres in WA Outback

Driving in the WA outback can be extremely tough on truck tyres. That’s why it’s important for both the driver and the truck owner to be vigilant in keeping a close watch on what is happening to the tyres.

Todd Lupton, who manages two road trains that makes regular long haul journeys from a mine in the northwest 400km inland from Port Hedland, has created a tyre policy he believes is working to keep truck tyres in a better condition for longer.

How to reduce wear on truck tyres in the WA outback

  • In summer have the tyres inflated the to 20 about PSI less than the recommended cold inflation pressure to allow for high temperatures
  • Use a gauge to check the tyre pressure weekly
  • Correct and align any trailer tracking issues as soon as you notice them
  • Change flat truck tyres as soon as they are noticed to prevent the damage an overheated tyre can cause to a truck if it blows
  • After driving onto bitumen from dirt, stop and check for loose rocks in the duals as they could also cause a blowout

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