Holden To Stop Manufacturing Cars In Australia by 2017

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Holden to Stop Manufacturing Cars in Australia by 2017

Iconic car manufacturer Holden is set to close its doors in Australia due to rising costs, a small market and a rising dollar.

Holden to Stop Manufacturing Cars in Australia | Vintage Road Haulage

Cultural Icon

While Australians are concerned about job losses this will cause, it seems that the loss of a cultural icon will be felt greater. In recent years Australia has seen iconic brands move overseas to be manufactured or sold into foreign ownership.

With vegemite, Bonds underwear, RM Williams, Billabong and even Qantas having left or being at risk of leaving Australia’s shores, Holden’s announcement adds a further blow to an already reducing number of true Australian icons.

Holden and its manufacturing operation helped Australia in the post war years by allowing her countrymen the belief that she could provide everything they needed and the opportunity to create her own future. This is now uncertain however, as Australians come to grips with the knowledge they will have less say over what happens and that their notion of what and who Australia is will need to change.

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